WordPress Maintenance Packages

Even after launching your website, regular maintenance is important. Keep your website performing with affordable monthly packages.

The Kind Of Care You Need

Keep your website healthy. Just like your lawn, pool, car, teeth or child.
Cloud backups

Daily backups of your website to an off-site location. Keep a backup separate from your current hosting which could be compromised.

security check

Automated security checks with 24/7 threat monitoring. Identify any issues with your site that may result in a comromise.

uptime monitoring

Make sure your website maintains a 100% uptime to ensure it is accessible at all times and to minimilize loss of leads.

wordpress core updates

Regular updates of new WordPress versions available that address security issues and bugs.

wordpress plugin updates

Weekly updates of plugins that address security issues, bug fixes and new features.

wordpress theme updates

Regular updates of your theme that address security issues, bug fixes and new features.

speed optimization

Increase the speed of your website by optimizing images, removing old products, disabling unused plugins and more.

analytics report

Receive easy-to-use analytics reports that help you understand more about the people that use your website.

seo TIPS

Receive search engine optimization tips and keep track of how your rank for certain keywords. Compare against the competition.

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